October 19, 2021

Ask Beatty - 10.18.21

1.  We all inadvertently get caught up in the day to day responsibilities of life and forget to do many, if not most things that actually improve the quality of our own life and relationships. Listen to my weekly reminders and find out how well you are doing and what changes you may need to make.

My guests today are co-authors BILL BRANYON, free-lance historian and founding member of Asheville's and Western North Carolina's second largest newspaper.  He's had hundreds of articles published, as well as 3 books.  Together he and co-author Lauren Eavarone have collaborated on how best to form happy and lasting relationships, while employing their experience, research and creativity towards enhancing the advancement of romance and love.
Tune in and listen to their 16 Romantic Rules that are now no longer or only partly true!
LAUREN EAVARONE is a Millennial, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT), residing and practicing in New York City.  In addition to her clinical work, she has been cited in several well-known publications and digital platforms including Marriage.com, Bravo TV and Shape Magazine.
October 12, 2021

Ask Beatty - 10.11.21

1. LOVING REMINDERS - Are you living your life every day in ways that are in your best interest?

2.  How to Put the Sizzle in Your Sex Life.
3.  My guest today is BRIAN GIBNEY, a certified surrogate partner.  Brian discussed who his clients are, the sexual challenges that they have not been able to resolve with mainstream, traditional therapies and what it's like for him to be sexually intimate with virtual strangers.  His email is :  Bgsurrogatetherapy@gmail.com

1.  MY WEEKLY QUESTIONS ESPECIALLY FOR YOU!  Are you being good to yourself?  Are you living your life in ways that are in your best interest or are you engaging in destructive, self-destructive or self-sabotaging behavior?  As a new season begins, we need to take an honest look at how well or how badly we are doing.  This means evaluating everything from the foods we eat, our lifestyle choices and the people with whom we choose to engage. If you find you are stuck, don't hesitate to reach out for professional help.  Good therapy can be a gamechanger.     

2.  Today I am being interviewed by Valerie Bennis,founder and award winning creator of Essence of Vali, a line of aromatherapy products.  Valerie's Fragrant Notes is a bi-monthly podcast created for women over 50. Today's topics will include LOVE, SEX and RELATIONSHIPS!
To Vibrancy and Love Regardless of Your Age or Stage in Life!
September 28, 2021

Ask Beatty - 09.27.21

1.  Are you on a constructive, empowering path in your personal life, work life and relationships?  We all veer off from time to time.  However, we need to be mindful EVERY DAY to behave in ways that are in our best interest.  Are you onboard??

2.  My guest today is Paula Jennings, a multi-faceted visionary thought leader and Founder of Anam (Gaelic for Soul) Evolution.  Paula has traveled many paths on the way to becoming her TRUE SELF.  From  a successful 25 year career on Wall Street to becoming a Transformational Coach and Mentor, Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Energy Healer, her journey is inspiring.  She can be reached on her website at www.PaulaJennings.com
To Life and Love and the Creation of a Balanced, Joyful and Purposeful Life!

Imagining Love in a Loveless World

Beatty is interviewed by her husband Jim Vrettos, Sociologist and host of The Radical Imagination television show on MNN.  We need to be mindful of living our  lives in ways that are in our best interest.  This means avoiding toxic people and self-destructive, destructive and self- sabatoging behavior.  We also need to find better ways of expressing love and compassion for 'the other'.
September 14, 2021

Ask Beatty - 09.13.21

1.  Your Daily Homework.....Are you living your life in ways that are physically, emotionally and relationally in your best interest? Or are you engaging in destructive, self-destructive or self- sabotaging behavior? This is the single most important question that you can ask yourself every DAY as you navigate your life and relationships. And if you find that you are off course, the real question is...WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?

2.  My guest today was Lori Jean Glass, acting CEO and Founder of PIVOT.  She founded and opened the Glass House, a residential retreat program in Northern California, designed for individuals, couples and families who want to take a deeper dive into the PIVOT Process to achieve immediate relational repair and growth. She is the author of #HealthyAdult, a motivational speaker, relationship coach and educator.  Her website is www.lovetopivot.com.
August 24, 2021

Ask Beatty - 08.23.21

1.  Are you living your life in ways...EVERY DAY...that are in your best interest?  Or are you consciously or unconsciously behaving in ways that are destructive, self-destructive or self-sabotaging? And more importantly, are you willing to make positive changes in your life that will ultimately improve the quality of your life and relationships?

2.  Listen to my NEVER MAKE A MISTAKE IN LOVE AGAIN PRESENTATION  that I will be giving at the East Hampton Library on Friday, August 27th from 6-7 p.m. EST.  It will change the way that you look at relationships forever.  It will educate, empower and above all..keep you safe!
To Life and Love,
August 17, 2021

Ask Beatty - 08.16.21

1.  Daily reminders that keep us healthy physically, emotionally, spiritually and psychologically.   Are you living your life in ways that are in your best interest or are you engaging in destructive, self-destructive and self-sabotaging behavior with yourself and others? And more importantly, are you willing to make some necessary positive changes?  IF NOT NOW....WHEN?

2..  Beatty is interviewed by Sociologist and husband Jim Vrettos, host of the Radical Imagination on MNN about her career as a psychotherapist and sex therapist.
August 3, 2021

Ask Beatty - 08.02.21

1.  It's time to evaluate your OWN behavior and ask yourself the following questions?  Am I doing what is in my best interest socially, financially, legally, professionally, medically, sexually and in my relationships with significant others?  OR...Are you engaging in self-destructive, self-sabotaging, or destructive behaviors and wonder why your life and relationships are less than satisfying?  Take my test and find out.  ACKNOWLEDGE, ADDRESS AND RESOLVE!

2.  My guest today is Robin Lieberman, a native New Yorker and former School Counselor.  While fulfilling a career in education, she nurtured her writing through memoirs and poetry.  Her recently published novel, Searching for September, published by the 3 Tomatoes Book Publishing, is about one woman's struggle in an emotionally abusive relationship. Robin's powerful statement, "There's a fire in all of us.  We own it, control it and must protect it from others who try to diminish it" is an important reminder for all of us.
July 27, 2021

Ask Beatty - 07.26.21

1. Are you living your life in ways that are in your best interest?  If not, why not?  And more importantly, are you willing to DO something about it?

2.  NYC Surgeon Seeking Divorce...claims beauty queen wife led a secret life as high-priced call girl.  BUYER BEWARE!!!
3.  My book for Better for Worse Forever:  Discover the Path to Lasting Love will teach you EXACTLY how to assess who's right or wrong for you BEFORE committing to any serious relationship.  It will change the way that you look at relationships forever.  It will empower, educate and above all KEEP YOU SAFE!!!
YOU CAN CALL ROBIN LIVE AT 888-874-4888.!!

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